Nextint is one of the leading company specializes in manufacturing tinting window film in Malaysia

NEXTINT is a leading, one stop professional window tinting film company in Malaysia. Specializes in manufacturing tinted window film for automobile as well as architectural building. We are offering five major types of tinting films to cater to every automobile and commercial need. The five major types are dyed film, glue coating film, sputter film, multi-layered sputter film and nano-ceramic film.

Our mission is to provide superior window film solutions, professional installation and a vast variety of window film choices to our valued customers. Our vision is to be the benchmark for the tint solution industry through our expert installations, fine range of products and steadfast dedication to first-class service.

We prioritize customer service more than anything else because we understand that happy and satisfied customer can help grow our company to an even larger scale. Hence, we encourage any feedback from clients and using those input to further improve ourselves. With that being said, we also promise that our product quality are well above par and will meet all our client’s expectation.



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All Available Outlets

It is highly imperative that our customer will be able to reach us no matter where they are. Our 42 available outlets throughout eastern Malaysia provide a convenient way for anyone that want to reach us.